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Woodworks with unique, tasteful designs are difficult to find, but we are very proud of the wood artists featured in Pinnacle Gallery. Each represents creativity combined with masterful techniques that result in artful additions to any home. 




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Joel HunnicuttLarge_Maple_copy.jpg (77172 bytes)
Pottery.   No, definitely glass.   Oh my, it’s wood.
When a true master pushes the limits of his skills, he goes beyond the medium. Hunnicutt has developed woodworking techniques and designs that extend far beyond traditional woodworking.

Red-Piece-011web.jpg (57544 bytes)“I work to create vessels out of the organic medium of wood that have the elegance and luminosity of glass”, he explains. “Using the technique of segmented turning, I am able to achieve shapes and designs that are usually associated with ancient pottery forms of Greece, China and Egypt. The use of classic forms and vibrant colors create a delight for the senses.”

 Each piece we have received from Hunnicutt has sold quickly so call for availability.



Frank Luedtkealto floor 75.jpg (61843 bytes)
Anasazi 2.jpg (161099 bytes)
From Wisconsin, now Arizona, Frank is a master at combining colors, textures and designs into truly unique pieces. From the hand-cut finial down to the unique base, Frank's lamps show his creative design skills. Clicking on these photos produces a large shot where you can scroll from top to bottom to see Frank's fine details. We can have Frank use a wide assortment of colors and designs that meet your needs. 

Agavi cndlhdr 75.jpg (139307 bytes)

He also makes wonderful candle holders and wall mirrors with  similarmirror6-2.jpg (88655 bytes) design and detail. 









Mike Konen
ped_3.jpg (84483 bytes)
A talented woodworker, Mike Konen has been making beautiful tables for our customers for many years. Often he creates custom pieces to meet the size and designs of our customers or their designers. Especially popularpedestal_1a.jpg (100879 bytes) are elegant pedestal tables made with exotic woods such as purple heart, bubinga and padauk, and classic woods like cherry and oak. From small boxes to large rocking chairs, Konen has the skills and artistic eye to create exquisite custom pieces. Heart boxes.jpg (82272 bytes)And, there is no price penalty for custom pieces.

ped_4.jpg (92466 bytes)

Daniel Grant & Ingala NorenMirror 2.jpg (47936 bytes)

Ingala Noren and Daniel Grant combine their talents to make picture frames and mirrors that have been very popular in Pinnacle Gallery. The wooden frames are cut, mitered, assembled and primed with stain or paint by Daniel. Ingala then applies a casein (an emulsion where milk is used as a binder) mixed with pigments. She uses several brushes for styling marble veins, or metal or rubber combs for wood graining. Rags, sponges, stippling brushes, fists and bare fingers all leave their imprints. Lastly, a varnish is applied to protect the work and give it the desired sheen - a soft satin finish. Designs, colors and sizes are numerous so call or email with your desires. 

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We can ship anything anywhere, without taking you to the cleaners.



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