Pinnacle Gallery

"We opened Pinnacle Gallery on November 3,1997 and now, after 20 years, we still enjoy the friendships of hundreds of incredible artists and thousands of delightful customers we have met along the way. The art work is beautiful but the relationships are priceless. If you have any problems, requests or questions please telephone or email us."
    - Joanne & Peter Hildt, owners

Handmade in America
     Everything in Pinnacle Gallery is handmade in America. We started this policy 20 years ago, when "imported" was perceived as better, but we believed that American artists had creative designs, innovative techniques and quality materials. We were correct. This means when you purchase pieces here you are helping American artists, not foreign factories, brokers and importers.
      Also, we speak the same language as our artists which is essential for successful custom orders. We don't have to deal with importers, customs fees and delays, currency fluctuations and drastic time zone differences.  We know most of our artists as personal friends and we know each artists' talents and materials so we can communicate clearly about our customers' needs, whether for the gallery collection or a custom piece for a customer's home or office.     

We are committed to this.
Peter even drives a car that was
handmade in America . . . his hands.


What makes Pinnacle Gallery so successful?
     Pinnacle Gallery is committed to helping customers enhance their décor, not just selling pieces of art. We, usually Joanne, are invited to view customers' homes to note colors, textures, goals and budgets. Then, we select and bring pieces to place where they meet the homeowners' tastes. One or two days later, the pieces they love are purchased, and we pick up any others.
    Also, many of our customers take pieces "on approval" to try for a day or two. If a piece is large or fragile, Peter can deliver it and pick it up if it's not perfect.
    Free delivery and installation is included with all large or fragile pieces. How far? Just call to ask how far Peter is willing to go. We have no policies. 

How do you find this stuff?
     Usually, artists contact us by email since Pinnacle Gallery has a 20-year reputation for strong sales, on-time payments, open communications and ethical practices. Also, Joanne attends wholesale craft shows where she sees works by thousands of juried artists, and customers refer us to artists they like.
     Actually, the Hunt is part of the fun for us. 

If you are an artist
     We are always looking for new American-made, handmade contemporary works of the highest quality design, materials and craftsmanship. Our reputation among artists is well established for paying on time, communicating clearly, practicing ethical business practices and selling a lot. Please email photographs and information to