Pinnacle Gallery

We cannot offer online purchasing because all items are handmade in very limited quantities.
     Online purchasing is good for mass-produced items but not for pieces of art. Pieces on this site may have been sold recently, but all photos are representative of the artist's work.  and most of our artists can create custom pieces for you without a price penalty. Contact us with your needs and we'll describe what's available and/or email you photos and details. If you don't love your purchase just return it for a full purchase refund.

If you  buy art online you should accept the risks of high-stakes gambling.
     An artist you find online may be a hungry hobbyist, disappearing scammer, foreign reseller, or a legitimate professional. Since all handmade pieces are unique, even a legitimate artist they may ship you a piece from the "oops" shelf or less than their best because you are a one-time customer. Likewise, the "virtual galleries" are just processing orders for artists to ship to you, a one-time customer. It's risky.
     We've got over 30 years experience buying art, and we won't buy from just a photograph. We've been burned by great photos.  We must see, feel and hold each piece, as our customers do, before we place an order with a new artist. Plus, our artists know that we will return anything that is less than their best work, so they ship their less-than-best to someone else. 

 It's a "contact sport".
We maintain close contact with artists and know their talents. Artists maintain contact with Pinnacle Gallery and know we are trustworthy. Likewise, we enjoy our long-standing contacts with our loyal customers and designers. It's all about relationships.