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Metal creations
Sculptures, mirrors, wall pieces, and more by talented artists working in various metals; utilizing creative techniques to produce some spectacular pieces.





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Michael SzaboSwan - heat scribble.jpg (124016 bytes)
Tri Classic - drip.jpg (411691 bytes)New to Pinnacle Gallery 
We are pleased to add the stainless steel pieces by Szabo to the gallery because they are perfect for the homes in the Sonoran desert. The hardness of steel contrasts with flowing organic designs in a series of vessels up to 37" tall. Szabo applies creative finishes that complement the forms and each is water-tight. Wide table - end texture.jpg (704263 bytes)Wide table-drip.jpg (443107 bytes)Tri bowl - drip.jpg (524798 bytes)





                         Oops, the spectacular 37-inch Swan vase
 at the right sold just 2 days after we received it
 so call if you would like one for your home.

Cocoon - end texture 75.jpg (151860 bytes)

This is the wonderful Caccoon vase 
25.5 inches tall
















Inspiration 10-12.jpg (634570 bytes)Jean & Tom HeffernanSunset 10-12.jpg (219302 bytes)

The hand-woven copper and steel mirrors created by Jean & Tom Heffernan incorporate color, light and the viewer into their works. They meticulously treat the copper or steel bands with heat and chemicals to produce stunning colors that produce new arrangements when viewed from different angles. They can create special sizes, patterns and colors to suit your decor . . . and Joanne can help you with the best size, color and design for your decor.Spirit Rising 10-12.jpg (541502 bytes)Star Shine 10-12.jpg (557106 bytes)






















Cheryl WilliamsFreedom.jpg (308058 bytes)
Together Again 36H.jpg (187870 bytes)True talent takes many forms. Cheryl demonstrates her depth of talent by working in both ceramics and metals to create innovative pieces. She is constantly creating new forms, textures and colors. These new metal tabletop sculptures have been popular with our customers who display them in niches or as solitary statements. You should also see her ceramic sculptures by clicking on "Ceramics" at the top or bottom of this page.Dancing with You.jpg (284898 bytes)Solstice.jpg (87328 bytes)

















Susan McGeheeTrio 10-12.jpg (339579 bytes)
Titan Sheild 10-12.jpg (460618 bytes)
Susan weaves on a four to eight-harness loom using copper and anodized aluminum wire with other metallic strands of varying composition  and widths. Most of the materials she uses are recycled from the aerospace industry. Her dramatic pieces combine the elegance of woven fabric with the brilliance of polished metals to project a bold design statement. The shimmering brilliance can be used to brighten an area or add a spectacular accent in direct light. Susan's woven metallic pieces enhance both residential and commercial spaces, many of which are commissioned for specific sizes, designs and colors.Deser Fold 10-12.jpg (266068 bytes) Our record is a piece we had made for a home in Troon that was 26 feet long! It's spectacular in a curved hallway.


Made of wire, these wonderful pieces can be hung with curves or straightened, and they can be more flat (longer) or wavy (shorter). Your creativity enhances Susan's pieces to fit your home. 








WL17.jpg (140102 bytes)Anne Moran & Robert Brown

Anne, a painter, and Robert, a sculptor, married their talents to produce the best of both . . . striking copper wall sculptures with wonderful colors and textures. Their 12" x 12" wall tiles are usually hung in sets of 3, 5 or 7 for a dramatic presentation. The tiles show the wonderful colors Anne & Robert attain with oxidized copper.wall tile 6.jpg (88587 bytes)

  Moran/Brown pieces are wonderful accents that enhance contemporary, Southwestern and Tuscan decors.M Brown in Stack bdrm.jpg (260113 bytes)






















David Bowmanlarge 75.jpg (41322 bytes)3.50 vertical 75.jpg (42295 bytes)

Bowman's copper wall sculptures have patina finishes that give depth, texture and color unlike any other. The sculptures appear massive, but are light enough to hang on any wall - even outside in the harsh Arizona sun.
















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