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Jewelry Collection
We are constantly finding exciting new jewelry artists with creative designs that follow the current fashion trends.
One strong trend is the use of oxidized sterling silver which is incorporated in many of the pieces below. 

Our jewelry artists are able to create custom pieces to meet your desires.
Just explain what you'd like and we can have it made quickly at a reasonable cost.
480-563-9800 or email to Pinnaclegallery@cox.net


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First we've got to show you the incredible work of a New York jewelry artist who hails from Korea where she mastered the art of fusing gold to silver. 

So Young Park has an MFA from the Rochester Institute of Technology and taught at Syracuse University. She uses the difficult Korean Keum-boo technique to fuse gold to silver. She then employs the harmonic use of wires, tiny discs, engraved patterns and textures forged of gold and silver to create elegant, yet unique visual forms. Click on photos to see the amazing details and then "back" to return.

Bracelets                                                                                                Necklaces
C0201 necklace.jpg (78040 bytes)  C0128 bracelet.jpg (59068 bytes)                                 N0157.jpg (62475 bytes)  N0123-B necklace.jpg (62526 bytes)  NB0157 necklace.jpg (59477 bytes)NB0125.jpg (77637 bytes)

E0110 silver pearl earrings.jpg (31367 bytes)  E0164 -B earrings.jpg (34540 bytes)  E0156-S silver gold pearls earrings.jpg (49528 bytes) 


Tracy Arrington - NEW
With fine circular designs, Arringtonís jewelry is both classic and contemporary. Each piece is hand-crafted in her studio using sterling silver, 14K gold filled, hand-selected pearls and semi-precious stones.
The darkened portions are sterling silver which has been oxidized for deep contrast.

 8WRx08Nur8Q33mWqX8rJqQ-uERGiY61W7Xd6ISGQQeA.jpg (453556 bytes) fwl4TK_d5U1n8BgYQGU220WPtAlSsNi2qcBx6EyH7Hg.jpg (380033 bytes)lwpCeo25SvHG5VRLiq2uHMh7SBOOSsr2K2o0RjM6Heo.jpg (465586 bytes)P2i8WzAncY9v_czH7aEQa9u7MI6DvuIME7A7rJLL3qA.jpg (367788 bytes)vAPyiPb21nHHF0m9wfNMN4AztS8rSdLq1Xj2LdTbLuU.jpg (429572 bytes)vISigZpr1avW_Iyzy5-FQQjdAXXC3XDy8Zg0n97jX7A.jpg (360960 bytes)vllFlHUgXw46B0KJ5SOlMvWNGsqY75HMHFfOt90YfEU.jpg (455945 bytes)yFd-5IIz0cByXAuaZjnZRLJ43ySZgnZIuBbtiQxIY_I.jpg (454614 bytes)y-mM_JVXZn4nngAQNoPyCBB9WgMljeHChMkGFUS4pcI.jpg (510631 bytes)ysGwkied7S8H7iREZFlM83XOIVvmHV5YDxvCm_VZFzs.jpg (378965 bytes)N154.jpg (408808 bytes)N156.jpg (397661 bytes)N158.jpg (415748 bytes)






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Judith NeugebauerK304Large1.jpg (92170 bytes) 
KA99Large1.jpg (212175 bytes)A professional ballet dancer who performed at Radio City Music Hall and with the New Jersey Ballet Company,
Judith has been creating jewelry since 1974. She works primarily in sterling silver with overlays of 23K gold leaf.

We love her masterful technique of the gold leaf overlays and her tasteful/dramatic designs.K455Large1.jpg (145165 bytes)KA139Large1.jpg (230002 bytes)K456TLarge1.jpg (142104 bytes)K460Large1.jpg (174423 bytes)










Patricia Tschetter creates distinctively contemporary pieces using oxidized silver, minimalist shapes, architectural structures
 and non-traditional materials with 22kt yellow and white gold granulation.spotted druzy pendant 100.jpg (64500 bytes) Dbl-side Dot- pearls 100.jpg (100970 bytes) bee wings earrings.jpg (72896 bytes)leaf_pearl 100.jpg (97799 bytes)
  Baby Bud long pendant.jpg (10545 bytes)  Baby Bud ring.jpg (27174 bytes)  Baby Bud hoop earrings.jpg (30021 bytes)  Baby bud long earrings.jpg (24177 bytes)  

and, Patricia has sent us her newest designs with oxidized silver,
 her "Oval on Oval" necklace
oval on oval 75.jpg (138445 bytes)
        and her "Stary Stary Night" necklace & earrings   stary night set 75.jpg (80254 bytes)     










Sean Hill
The wonderful work by Sean Hill has been our most popular jewelry the last five years. Made with gem-grade resin in sterling silver or vermeil, the pieces are elegant, distinctive and still very well priced. Sean is continually creating new designs so the selection changes frequently and customers who own Sean's pieces come back for his new pieces.  
Some of Hill's rings:
  No Name blue.jpg (110954 bytes) No_Name.jpg (151229 bytes)      pharoh ring.jpg (123417 bytes)Down Under ring 75.jpg (97892 bytes)Stargate rings.jpg (245792 bytes)




Some of Hill's bangles:

Circles bangles.jpg (318213 bytes)Stack bangles.jpg (472288 bytes)Stretch giraffe bangle.jpg (222047 bytes)






small creole.jpg (109724 bytes)Long Drops.jpg (101482 bytes)Jacob's_Ladder.jpg (32376 bytes)Giraffe earrings.jpg (378354 bytes)Hoops earrings.jpg (243508 bytes)Tubular Bells earrings.jpg (147681 bytes)




Beads & pendants:

BD22 bead.jpg (82450 bytes)BD02H Laurel Hollow.jpg (305828 bytes)Web bead.jpg (364999 bytes)SP13 pendant.jpg (387240 bytes)SP17 pendant.jpg (150214 bytes)









Megan Auman
Susan necklace.jpg (247465 bytes)Meganís jewelry of welded steel with silver and 14K gold-filled wire are classic yet distinctive; bold yet comfortable. She believes that simplicity plus repetition equals the best designs. We believe her long chains are in the forefront of current jewelry design.Emma.jpg (18638 bytes)Audrey necklace 75.jpg (49906 bytes)Amelia.jpg (38519 bytes)
Elsie necklace.jpg (90420 bytes)









Elizabeth & Don Buck11 rings 100.jpg (620439 bytes)
7 rings 100.jpg (437505 bytes)Though both Elizabeth and Don studied art, design and metalsmithing before they were married, their work is a collaboration of Elizabethís flair for colors and textures with Donís sense of structural design influenced by modern architecture and classic cars. Each piece is handmade using a combination of hand fabrication, hand forging and/or casting of their designs. As you can see by clicking on these three photos, their designs and semi-precious stones produce a wide range of choices.

  13 rings 100.jpg (560716 bytes)



Bill Booze_MG_3797.jpg (103590 bytes) cuts his own semi-precious stones so they have exceptional brilliance and clarity. Bill cuts each rough stone for maximum brilliance, whereas most other stones are cut for maximum size. He then sets the stones in creative settings that exhibit clean lines and flattering designs. Pictured here are just a few examples of Bill's rings. He can also create custom pieces for you in virtually any design and any stone.

_MG_3802.jpg (99104 bytes)_MG_3798.jpg (97781 bytes)_MG_3804.jpg (111929 bytes)



Kazzie Talmadge _MG_3657.jpg (99094 bytes)seems to have an eye towards the latest styles and creates jewelry that is on the leading edge. Not too far out, but on pace with contemporary designs, often her designs are seen on the fashion pages and in the top jewelry stores . . . after Kazzie creates them. Druzy necklace.jpg (311442 bytes)

5BBW9518.jpg (48222 bytes)Blue necklace 9-07.jpg (2383693 bytes)5BBW9526.jpg (99776 bytes)_MG_3667.jpg (104136 bytes)_MG_3666.jpg (106359 bytes)



Rynda Clark
1018-05r-517x471.jpg (52842 bytes)Rynda and her friends sew beautiful jewelry pouches of the finest quality brocades and Satins. The leopard pouch, at right, is a soft microsuede lined with Satin. Each pouch is adorned with antique gold or silver solid metal beads and Satin cord. Each is 4" x 4" closed, 4" x 9" open, and has 8 little pockets on the inside.

These handmade pouches are ideal for protecting jewelry at home or while traveling. For air travel these pouches are perfect for keeping all your jewelry together for a security inspection.
A pouch is also a perfect gift-wrapping for just about anything above.



Questions? Need a special piece of jewelry?  Call us at (480) 563-9800 or send email

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