Pinnacle Gallery

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A former stone sculptor, Sean Hill creates jewelry of gem grade resin with silver or brass inlays. It took years to develop the processes, but he now creates wonderful jewelry designs. In the distant past Hill was a PhD Professor of Contemporary French Literature. (True!) He finds his current work more satisfying. And, so do we.


A jewelry trendsetter, Scottsdale resident Kazzie Talmadge has perfected the art of combining semi-precious gems with natural stones, 18 K gold and sterling silver to achieve break-through designs. Each piece is a one-of-a-kind creation seeking to marry colors, textures and design into unique wearable art.


Megan Aumen's jewelry of welded steel with silver and 14K gold-filled wire are classic yet distinctive; bold yet comfortable.  She believes that simplicity plus repetition equals the best designs. Megan has a BFA in Metalsmithing from Syracuse University and an MFA from Kent State University. She teaches university and independent jewelry-making workshops.



Both Elizabeth and Don Buck studied art, design and metalsmithing before they were married and their work is a collaboration of Elizabeth’s flair for colors and textures with Don’s sense of structural design influenced by modern architecture and classic cars. Each piece is handmade using a combination of hand fabrication, hand forging and/or casting of their designs.