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Art Glass
We are very proud of our collection of art glass in timeless contemporary designs.
Whether a piece is blown, fused, cast, slumped, etched or flame-worked, all are
handmade in America

Most of our artists can create custom pieces to meet you needs .  . . without a price penalty.




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Randi Solin

Mujeres for web.jpg (250268 bytes)A new artist to Pinnacle Gallery, we are proud to represent this talented Vermont glass artist. Borsetta for web.jpg (303155 bytes)Her glass pieces are compositions of colors, layers and textures like a painting but much more dimensional with clear glass that showcases the stunning depth. Her exceptional technical skills coupled with inventive coloration have earned Randi international recognition. 


left: "Mujeres" 16.5" x 12" x 8" one-of-a kind              right:"Borsetta" 13" x 10" x 4"

Call us for other Solin pieces in the gallery.











Melanie & David Leppla
Desert_Group_Cairins_75.jpg (388353 bytes)These wonderful glass cairns remind us of the many balancing rocks in the Sonoran Desert. Cairns are man-made piles of rocks that serve to mark trails in treeless areas or indicate a mountain summit. The glass cairns are 10" to 12" tall and glow with back-lighting. These glass cairns have been so popular this season that our selection changes daily as some go out the door and others are being delivered. Please call or email us for the colors and sizes available and we can email photos, dimensions and prices or put you on a waiting list.   









Steve Immerman
This fused glass is absolutely amazing - exacting, intricate, bold and colorful. Immerman has pioneered new techniques for creating pieces of strip-cut glass and aperature pours that set new standards of art glass. We have recently seen the work of three other artists who are now using these techniques but none have this level of craftsmanship or design. The work demands extreme precision yet he does it for relaxation from his full-time surgeon job. As people browse through Pinnacle Gallery these pieces are always a jaw-dropper.

AxxceptAmber_15_01.jpg (273429 bytes)  Danio Arcus bowl.jpg (229575 bytes)  ForestFire_03.jpg (93490 bytes)  




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red gondo 75.jpg (406231 bytes)Victor Chiarizia

Gondola-cappu 75.jpg (380713 bytes)Renowned for vibrant colors and innovative designs, this work reflects an exploration of sculptural forms and the use of ancient Venetian and modern glassblowing techniques. Fluid forms combined with spirited colors are this artist's unique artistic signature.







These tall "Alto" vases are colorful dramatic pieces with attractive prices. About 35 - 40 inches tall with a base of only 4 - 4.5 inches in diameter, these Alto vases are spectacular as a singular statement or as a set of three or more. In the high-ceiling, open-spaces of Scottsdale homes these pieces fit beautifully. Call for available colors. 

Alto blue-tea-lime.jpg (95654 bytes)Alto swan neck- Amethyst with Blue Color Wrap.jpg (77790 bytes)
Customers often ask, "Can you ship these?"
Of course, we pack them securely and can ship these anywhere.



















Scott Amrhein

These distinctive glass bowls add drama to tables, shelves and niches. With decades of experience, sophisticated design parameters, and masterful skills, Amrhein is widely known and collected. His distinctive bowls on stands of wood & copper or sculpted concrete lend colorful elegance to hundreds of homes. 


Elliptical oval blue 28x9x12hi.jpg (74312 bytes)    10   SOV166L.jpg (364671 bytes)   17   SOV40L.jpg (245795 bytes)





Tree of Life 75.jpg (68180 bytes)Bandhu Dunham

Fabric of Culture Menorah.jpg (141252 bytes)A true master of his art, Dunham literally "wrote the book". His books on the techniques of flameworking glass are the foundation for many glass artists' careers. His incredible pieces demonstrate the advanced techniques that he has perfected that have earned him international fame in flameworked glass.

 Plus, he makes the coolest menorahs! 










Rafael Gevorkian

Rafael's work in thick sculpted glass adds dramatic colors and distinctive designs to many homes in Scottsdale . . . and beyond. We have shipped his pieces to many states and even to England and Scotland. His glass bowls are beautiful on a dining table or buffet and we have placed these sculptures on open tables and in shelves and niches.   Embrace.jpg (112777 bytes)


His work is made of inch-thick glass that he carves, stains and paints to create beautiful bowls, wall panels, sculptures.

  Bryce 3-13.jpg (150030 bytes)   Oasis bowl 3-13.jpg (321008 bytes)  Zion 3-13.jpg (258666 bytes)  Circle of Life 75.jpg (378110 bytes)


At left is a spectacular glass sculpture entitled "Embrace" that has two entwined glass pieces on a sculptural glass/steel base. This 52-inch tall sculpture is a truly spectacular one-of-a-kind piece that will be stunning focal point in a contemporary Scottsdale home or office. 


These are stunning glass panels that mount on a wall. Click to enlarge and see details. The three 24-inch wide panels on the right have been sold but we can have a set made for you in colors that complement your decor. 

17x17 square coolish.jpg (215945 bytes)  17x17 square warmish.jpg (427304 bytes)  wall panel 3-13.jpg (568759 bytes)  Splash of Life-side view 75.jpg (944708 bytes)









Newy Fagan 

Herd of 9 75.jpg (171300 bytes)These delightful glass horses are very popular gifts and colorful home accent pieces. We try to keep a good selection of colors on hand but they keep trotting out the door. Ponies are 7" tall at the ears and horses are 8" tall. Each adds a cheerful splash of color to any decor and several horses and ponies make a wonderful grouping - they are herding animals, after all.


New from Newy! Extra-large horses are 12 inches tall. We have a few so call for colors.









Cheryl McNeill

Arizona River sides.jpg (1421679 bytes)Butterfly Console Table 2.jpg (297027 bytes) These carved glass table tops are made with vibrant colors, muted shades, metallic hues, depth and textures showcased on handmade steel bases. Though the designs are unique, the heights of her tables are to common standards so you will find these tables practical as well as beautiful . . . and reasonably priced. 

Butterfly Nstg Tables.jpg (536722 bytes)   Desert Mtnside Sofa Table 75.jpg (315535 bytes)










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The pieces shown may have sold but are representative of each artist's work.

Most of our artists can create pieces in a variety of sizes and colors. Please call or email us for a better description and/or photos of what is available now or can be made for you.


Remember, we can ship anything anywhere . . . without sending you to the cleaners. Even the largest glass pieces shown above. We know how to pack glass so it survives and we insure everything.   Not thrilled? Return it within 10 days for a full purchase refund. It's easy because you'll have the boxes and packing materials.

Questions?  Call us at (480) 563-9800 or send email

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