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Art Glass
We offer one of the largest collections of American-made contemporary art glass in the USA.
We take pride in selecting and placing art glass to enhance home décor, such as these photos: 

Rafael Gevorkian creates beautiful statement pieces of inch-thick glass that are carved, stained and painted to reveal a captivating depth of color. Rafael has created vessels, glass wall sculptures and free-standing sculptures exclusively for Pinnacle Gallery. After more than 30 years as a celebrated glass artist, Rafael has decided to apply his artistic talents to paintings so, these are the last available. 

 "Sundance" bowl. Click "Gevorkian Vessels" to see this and more.

"Sundance" bowl. Click "Gevorkian Vessels" to see this and more.

Rafael's incredible glass vessels make a timeless statement when displayed on a table, buffet or a low lighted niche. Each vessel rests on a base made of inch-thick glass with four clear acrylic spheres that give the piece a light, airy feel. To see the other vessels by Rafael, click the Vessels button below.

171C Duality.jpg

Rafael has created over a  dozen innovative glass wall sculptures exclusively for Pinnacle Gallery. Each is a one-of-a-kind piece created of inch-thick glass enhanced with design elements of painted steel and/or glazed ceramics.

Rafael's wall sculptures involve the color and texture of the wall, which often gives the appearance of a custom piece .  He brings  the wall into the sculpture through openings and clear glass segments. Also, these pieces are all mounted on a hidden 3/4-inch bevel so they "float" from the wall, giving a light, airy feel.

Delivery and installation is included . . . if it's not too far.


Jon Oakes is one of our most creative, talented and adventurous artists. For over 15 years we have sold hundreds of his ceramic Raku vessels and platters shown in the ceramics part of this site. About 8 years ago Jon started blowing glass bowls and jars with wonderfully deep colors. Then, he created stunning "stacked stones" of blown glass spheres. Combining his ceramics kilns with blown glass pieces, Jon then tried fusing blown glass into panels and now he is creating beautifully colorful wall panels with the drama of blown glass.  This 4-panel piece, about 48" x 48", is a prime example of Jon's unique wall panels. 

Jon is working on new glass wall panels and stacked stones. We expect them by December 1st.

We now have only these two glass "Staked Stones" sculptures , each 30" tall. And,  watch this space for more.

3 30-inch Stacked Stones 75.jpg

Jon also creates wonderful glass jars, each with a decorative lid, and colorful glass "Lava" bowls. Both are colorful gifts or décor accents.  


Randi Solin is best known for her vessels with a "window" of clear glass on one side that portrays the designs and colors on the inside of the vessel as well as the outside. If that sounds confusing, you've got to see these pieces "live" because the 3-dimensional aspect is impossible to show in  photos. In Pinnacle Gallery, these stunning vases are displayed on a swivel base so both sides can be easily viewed. 


Scott Amrhein has been one of our best-selling artists for nearly 20 years. Last year he retired to go skiing and mountain-biking, so we bought all his remaining inventory. As of November 1st, we have only 3 pieces left, so . . . if you snooze, you lose. 
          (You've heard of "starving artists", right? There's a reason.  Scott is eating filet mignon and skiing. There's a reason.) 


Donna Gordon is a talented glass blower who is particularly skillful in holding vibrant colors throughout the processes of glass blowing. Her vessels show swirls of brilliant color enhanced by translucent designs. Her delightful glass hearts have flowing colors through the clear glass.  One of the most popular glass pieces in Pinnacle Gallery, Donna's hearts make touching gifts that clearly show your love. Priced from $85 to $400, hearts are from about 3 inches tall to 7 inches tall, in many colors. 

Send a clear message of your love.


Victor Chiarizia is renowned for his use of vibrant colors and innovative designs. His work reflects an exploration of sculptural shapes and the use of ancient Venetian and modern glassblowing techniques.  These swan-neck "Alto" tall vases  (34" - 42") are perfect for the large open spaces of the homes here in the Sonoran Desert, particularly in the niches built into most area homes.

These fused glass horses by Newy Fagan rank among the most popular glass items in the gallery and it's no surprise since they are uniquely beautiful. There are three sizes:  7-inch-tall ponies, 9-inch-tall horses and 12"-inch tall horses. As in this photo, she makes these equines in many colors and there are individual differences. We've found that people who buy one often come back for a few more to form a colorful grouping. They are herding animals, after all.



Innovative "strip construction" is the hallmark of Steve Immerman and his amazing glass pieces. Since craftsmen have been working with glass since prehistoric times you'd think that every possible technique would have been found, but you'd be wrong. Immerman is a pioneer of the techniques that utilize cutting fine strips of glass, fusing them in a kiln and then slumping, cutting and polishing the piece to achieve truly unique, refreshing designs. Even the most savvy glass collectors are in awe of these pieces.

 "Orange Slice" glass bowl

The arts are built upon developing techniques and innovative interpretations to reach new levels. If you have read the description above about strip construction you will appreciate how Dave and Patti Hegland learned the new techniques pioneered by Immerman and then added their own design innovations to arrive at a  stunning body of glass works. They have created inserts of clear glass and hand-pulled murrine to open up new parameters in this piece titled "Orange Slice".


A cairn is a stack of stones that is built to mark trails or mountain summits. These intriguing glass cairns by Melanie and David Leppla are blown glass "rocks" fused together to form a delightful glowing sculptural piece, made in an assortment of earth-tone colors. Since these glass cairns mimic the balancing boulders strewn among the hills in this area of Arizona, these are especially fitting in local homes.  Glass cairns are often purchased to memorialize journeys or accomplishments, much like the trail-marking stones. 

5 BOBtanicals.jpg

These wonderful pieces of blown glass in botanical designs are called "BOBtanicals" because they are made by Bob. From 10 to 16 inches tall, each has a whimsical glass stopper. These sell quickly so call for the current pieces on hand.