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Pinnacle Gallery features the paintings of Elizabeth Schulte and Jude Kettunen. 







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Jude Kettunen (pronounced "Gettunen") is of Scandanavian descent and she brings simplicity to her desert lanscapes. Her newest paintings are softly abstracted, colorful landscapes. “ I’ve reduced nature to very simple forms; sky meets stone.”  Her work is dramatic, but has a quiet beauty – like the contrast we find in desert horizons.Canyon.jpg (75094 bytes)










"But,how do I know?"   We know it's tough to know if a painting will look good in your home, so we encourage customers to take the painting home on approval. If you like, we'll deliver the painting and hang it, then pick it up if it doesn't work. We gladly do this for free, at least in the area. (If your home is on a beach, Peter will still  deliver and hang it but airfare, hotel, meals, drinks and greens fees may be involved.)   

Our artists are very accommodating regarding commissioned paintings to meet individual needs. For photos of works currently on exhibit, or to discuss the painting in your mind's eye, please call us at (480) 563-9800.

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