Pinnacle Gallery

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are questions we have heard often but feel free to contact us about anything else.

Q: When did Pinnacle Gallery open? And, why?
A: Pinnacle Gallery was opened on November 3, 1997, by owners Joanne and Peter Hildt. They had moved from the Chicago area to Scottsdale in 1993 and were frustrated finding quality contemporary art pieces for the house they built in Troon North. Their research showed a trend towards contemporary design so they decided to “try” a gallery of American craft. They soon discovered that they enjoyed their relationships with customers and artists so they kept renewing the shopping center lease every few years.  “Time flies when you’re having fun.”

Q: How do you find artists?
A: Most artists find us. We receive about 5 to 10 inquiries each week from artists because we are well-known nationally as one of the top galleries of American craft. Also, Joanne Hildt attends the wholesale American Craft Council show each February and we hear of new artists from our current artists, customers and interior designers.

Q:  You advertise that everything is "Handmade in America". Really?
A:  Yes, we research all artists before we buy from them to make sure their hands fabricate each piece, along with any needed helpers, in America. They might use some materials from other countries but the majority of materials must be from suppliers in the USA. No mass-produced, no machine-made, no imported products are sold in Pinnacle Gallery. 

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