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Jude KettunenScarlet pair.jpg (182525 bytes)Golden pair.jpg (268937 bytes)

You may know Jude as a talented painter of softly abstracted landscapes (click Paintings above), but she is also an accomplished ceramic artist. A Scandinavian-American, she studied Hohokam and Anasazi arts and even worked as a Park Ranger at Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado. Hence, she brings a unique contemporary Scandinavian flavor to Southwest designs. She creates these ceramic "Spirit" figures in many colors, designs and sizes in her Scottsdale studio. Most are about 20 to 32 inches tall (measured to the top of the feathers) and they are weighted heavily in the bottom for stability.Spirit figures in niches.jpg (668668 bytes)

Cappuccino 26 inch.jpg (482641 bytes)   


Jude can create Spirit Figures for you in any colors or sizes














David McDonald

David is best known for ceramic platters he calls Mandalas. The shape of the platters are inherently organic, their contour made in a cloth sling, forming a natural arch. Each piece can be displayed flat or in a plate stand or hung on a wall by the wire loop on the back. He can make platters sized 15", 20" and 25" in a wide selection of patterns and colors to enhance any decor. 

Golden Ash.jpg (752393 bytes)  Sunflower Mandala.jpg (76429 bytes)  Obsidian Rain.jpg (125815 bytes)  Asymmetry Revised.jpg (146035 bytes)  Spiral Rivulet.jpg (132060 bytes)




At Pinnacle Gallery we often sell coordinated sets that make dramatic statements when mounted on a wall. We have hung sets in living rooms, dining rooms, over fireplaces, in stairwells and offices that add lots of interest and texture while enhancing the colors of the room.

McDonald above fireplace.jpg (289714 bytes)McDon - Seilback.jpg (305238 bytes)McDon in conf room.jpg (384717 bytes)McDonald plates McCormley.jpg (1549038 bytes)







Sandy & Missy Kaolin

This husband and wife clay duo complements and relies on each other’s skills during all aspects of the process – designing, construction, coloring, firing and finishing. They employ imaginative concepts executed with expertise. Both traditional and non-conventional techniques are embraced resulting in an unlimited palette of pigments and styles, including custom pieces. We love their striking red finish with the delicate edges and glossy black interior.
Thunderbolt.jpg (174924 bytes)Tulip vase.jpg (133915 bytes)Thunderball.jpg (136076 bytes)













Bernard assorted.jpg (97726 bytes)Nicholas Bernard

Muted organic colors and classic forms distinguish the ceramic pieces created by NicholasLg Rough Curly Vessel.jpg (206870 bytes) Bernard. His vessels add a splash of color and excitement that goes with many home decor statements. We love his work when Joanne is planning accent pieces for our customer's homes. 


round vessels.jpg (204594 bytes)tall tops.jpg (181798 bytes)

Because they enhance virtually any decor at reasonable price points, these vessels also are popular gifts. 










Jon OakesXL lidded.jpg (191116 bytes)

The colors and designs of Jon Oakes' vessels and plates with Raku finishing have made his work very popular with interior designers and_MG_3749.jpg (151844 bytes) ceramic collectors. His small and medium vessels are ideal gifts 3 small 75.jpg (43547 bytes)because they complement a variety of home decors. From beautiful 6" lidded pots to spectacular vessels over 4 feet tall, Jon's vessels and plates are meticulously crafted. He attains brilliant colors that rank his Raku pieces as the best we've been able to find anywhere. 


Creativity has no bounds. Jon Oakes has added blown glass to his repertoire and created some exquisite pieces you can find by clicking "Glass" above. 











Anne Goldman

Canyon Wall vessel 75.jpg (254457 bytes)We are proud to have offered Anne's unique hand-carved vessels for over 12 years, though they are rarely displayed in theCoastal Rock vase.jpg (241169 bytes) gallery. Usually, when we receive her pieces they sell so quickly that even frequent visitors haven't seen them. It is interesting that as people walk through the gallery they are ALL attracted to Goldman's vessels, no matter what their taste. "What are these made of?" people ask us. We tell them each piece is hand-carved ceramics and they are amazed! Customers who own a Goldman vessel say the same: "Everyone visiting our home is drawn to the Goldman vessel."


This "Canyon Wall" vase and the "Coastal Rock" vase to the right are examples of her work.


Please call us to find what is available now or to ask to be contacted when we receive a piece. 











Cheryl Williams

wow - red 75ppi.jpg (237955 bytes)An internationally-recognized ceramic artist, Cheryl Williams' work was selected for the prestigious White House Collection of American Craft and is represented in most ceramic collections. She utilizes techniques learned from decades of pottery to create innovative ceramic sculptures with flowing shapes, stunning colors and alluring textures. Each is one-of-a-kind and mounted on a steel base.

The Dance 2 75.jpg (337956 bytes)










Ron ArtmanXEPON.jpg (82180 bytes)

KUNMING.jpg (48778 bytes)The Ron Artman's ceramic vessels depict power and grace. The power of the strong forms and the grace of the fine details are not only design elements, but distinctive of Artman's pieces. The leather-like finish is gives these pieces a rich, warm feel that complements contemporary, Southwestern and Tuscan decor.

  MONKIRA.jpg (89104 bytes)  






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